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As I mentioned briefly in Farm Tool Market at Ichinomiya Shrine/一宮神社農具市, today, March 12, is a special day for the people in the Shiozawa and other surrounding areas of Uonuma region of Niigata prefecture. I went to the Market today, before noon, feeling slightly guilty, considering all those who suffered from the greatest earthquake in Japanese history, which took place only yesterday.
Farm Tool Market at Ichinomiya Shrine/一宮神社農具市で簡単に述べたように、今日、3月12日は、新潟県の魚沼地方の塩沢及び周辺地域の人たちにとっては特別な日です。今日、昼前にこの市に行って来ました。昨日起きた日本史上最大の地震の被災者の方々を思うと、少し罪悪感を感じましたが。

For more information on this natural peppermint oil, see the March 8, 2011 post.
この天然はっか油に関しては、March 8, 2011の投稿をご参照下さい。

Sorry, but I am a little busy. Or, should I say I’m not in the mood for adding detailed descriptions. Photos only, no text.

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