Fighting with Snow/雪と戦う

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Let me explain how the people in Niigata fight with snow. As I said in the preceding post, here in Niigata, the air temperature is relatively high, and melting snow with groundwater is considered the most effective and the least expensive way.
Many people here have a private well on their premises, including me. Mine is 40-meters deep, and here is the submersible pump.

Snow sensor unit (left) and control panel (right)

Yuusetsu you denryoku (electrical power for snow melting) is offered at a lower rate than home electrical power.

The pump supplies groundwater (about 14C) to this pipe, embedded in the concrete in front of the house.

The pump also supplies water to two ports, one on each side of the house.
The left port:

Sunnyhose (product name) is connected to the port to sprinkle water to melt the snow.

The right port:

The right port also supplies water to the two roofs.

I had PATEDISON‘s Shousetsu Sheet installed on the roofs, believing that this product was a dreamy one, one that could change the way the people here in Niigata dealt with snow. I am now totally saddened and depressed to learn that the Sheet does not live up to my expectations. THE COMPANY CLAIMS ON THEIR WEBSITE THAT THE SHOUSETSU SHEET REQUIRES ONLY ONE-FIFTH OF THE AMOUNT OF WATER USUALLY REQUIRED. I could sue the company!
私は、パテジソンの消雪シートを屋根に設置してもらいました。この製品が、新潟の人たちの雪の処理方法を変えれるような夢のような製品だと信じて。今では期待に応えない商品だと分かり、 完全に意気消沈しています。この会社は、HPで通常必要な水量の1/5しか必要としないと言っているんです。訴えたいくらいです。

Even though I have the well, the pump, and all other necessary equipment, I still need those tools to move the snow to where the water is:

All the above photos were taken in January, except some.

Today’s newspaper:

which says that the snow accumulation in Yuzawa is 266 cm as of 5:00 p.m. on Feb. 3.
湯沢の積雪量は2月3日午後5時現在266 cmと書かれています。

A view from a window on the first floor of my house:

Walls of snow:

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