For Those Who Are Interested in Itadori Jam and Itadori Drink/イタドリジャムとイタドリジュースに興味のある方へ

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In May, I was planning to make itadori jam, as well as itadori drink (inspired by Sissi’s Rhubarb Soft Drink). I almost made the former, but I gave up the attempt before adding sugar. Reason: I tasted a few slices of boiled itadori, I was sure I could never like the itadori flavor even if I added sugar.

For those who are interested in making itadori jam, go to the first post linked to above, and for those who are interested in making itadori drink, first click here, which explains how to make it in Japanese, with photos.
Here’s a brief description of how to make it:

1. Wash itadori stems and leaves.
You don’t have to peel the skin from the stems.
2. Cut into appropriate size and put in a juicer.
3. Put the liquid into a container.
The liquid is separated into a pink part (top) and a green part (bottom).
4. Transfer the pink part into a bottle. Freeze for storage.

To drink, completely thaw and mix with water and honey.

The site says that itadori drink is effective in relieving fatigue.

5月、イタドリジャムとイタドリジュース(Sissi’さんのRhubarb Soft Drinkからヒントを得て)を作ろうと計画していました。イタドリジャムを作る寸前だったのですが、砂糖を入れる前に諦めました。理由は、茹でたイタドリを少し味見したのですが、砂糖を入れても、絶対好きになれないと確信したからです。



1. イタドリの茎と葉を洗う。
2. 適当な大きさに切って、ジューサーに入れる。
3. 液体を容器に入れる。
4. ピンクの部分を瓶に入れる。保存するには冷凍する。



Apologies to tama Matsuoka and Sissi.
tama MatsuokaさんとSissiさんにお詫びします。

These photos were taken on May 20.

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