Four Slices Bread/4枚切りのパン

Japanese Food
This may sound very strange to those in Kansai (Western Japan), but I bought four slices bread (right) for the very first time in my life yesterday.
In Kanto (Eastern Japan), eight and six slices bread is popular, and four slices bread is very rare.  A quick google search tells me that in Kansai, five and four slices bread is popular, and there is even three slices bread.
Now I sometimes see four slices bread sold here in Niigata.  Is this a new marketing strategy of Yamazaki, the largest bread maker in Japan???

For slices this thick (3 cm), toasting is the only way to go.
こんなに(3 cm)厚いパンなら、トーストするに限ります。

I then spread margarine on it and had it.  It was good, and I ended up having another!

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