Furikake, etc./ふりかけなど

Japanese Food

I told someone that I would post photos of some of my favorite furikake, and here is one photo.

Top, left to right: Ryoku Ou Yasai (Green and Yellow Vegetable) Furikake of Ohmoriya Co., Ltd., which contains ten kinds of green and yellow vegetables.
The remaining four are products of the same series, Mazekomi Wakame of Marumiya Corporation. They are salmon, cod roe, takana (a type of leaf vegetable), and wakana (another type of leaf vegetable) flavors.
Strictly speaking, these four products are not furikake (something that you sprinkle on rice); they are meant to be mixed with rice (to make rice balls), as the word Mazekomi (mix in) implies.
Bottom, left to right: Noritama, Sukiyaki, and Aji Doraku (all of which are products of Marumiya Corporation) and Yukari Goma Iri (red perilla with sesame seeds) and Nameshi (containing three types of leaf vegetables) of Mishima Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
Yukari is a registered trademark of Mishima Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
Strictly speaking, Yukari and Nameshi are not furikake; they are meant to be mixed with rice.
Noritama remains a long-selling product, so is Sukiyaki. I have liked them both since childhood.
上、左から右へ: 大森屋の緑黄野菜ふりかけ。10種類の緑黄野菜が入っています。
下、左から右へ: 丸美屋ののりたま、すきやき、味道楽と、三島食品の「ゆかり胡麻入り」と「菜めし」(3種類の葉野菜が入っている)です。

I bought a pack of these wagashi today 50 yen off the regular price: Domyoji sakura mochi (with tsubu an in them) and kinako (toasted soybean powder) kusa (mugwort) mochi (with tsubu an in them).

I think these kinako kusa mochi are a cheaper substitute for uguisu mochi. I don’t remember having had decent uguisu mochi in my entire life. You have to go to a wagashi shop to get uguisu mochi.

I also bought one pack of boiled firefly squid (hotaru ika in Japanese). They are now in season.

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