Getting Soy Milk and Okara (Soy Pulp) into My Diet/豆乳とおからを食事に取り入れる

Japanese Food

Since I got a soy milk maker in early March, I have enjoyed using soy milk and okara in cooking.

Here are some examples.

Cottage cheese:

Heat 400 ml soy milk to around 60C.
Add 40 ml vinegar, and stir.
豆乳を400 ml、60度くらいまで温める。
お酢を40 ml加え、かき混ぜる。

Strain in a few minutes.

I got more than 250 ml “whey”.
「ホエー」が250 ml以上とれました。

I took a sip, and found it very sour (naturally!). I put it in the fridge, and disposed of it down the sink a few days later. You might say, “Mottainai (what a waste).” According to one site, it’s good when mixed with honey.

The other day, I made cheesecake for my son’s birthday. I replaced 1/4 of yogurt with soy milk. No one noticed that there was soy milk in the cake.

I find okara more useful than soy milk. Okara is often regarded as refuse, but I have a feeling that a soy milk maker is actually an okara maker and soy milk is a by-product.

Potato salad with okara has become my family’s default potato salad, and it’s very tasty.

A 1:1 mixture of mayonnaise and okara is now one of our favorite dressings.

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