Gyudon in the Nabe Style/鍋風の牛丼

Japanese Food

The other day, I bought some cheap imported beef because I wanted to make gyudon (beef bowl), but today, I changed my mind and made gyudon in the nabe style.

1,400 ml water
2 tsp instant dashi
120 ml soy sauce
120 ml mirin
120 ml sake
(Dashi, soy sauce, and mirin ratio = approx. 12:1:1)
1 knob grated ginger

400 g thinly sliced beef
1 pack kinu (silken) tofu
1 pack enoki
6 leaves Chinese cabbage
1 1/2 onions


水 1,400 ml
出汁の素 小さじ2
しょう油 120 ml
みりん 120 ml
酒 120 ml
すったショウガ 1カケ

薄切り牛肉 400 g
絹豆腐 1パック
エノキ 1パック
白菜 6枚
玉ねぎ 1 1/2個

I first put sliced onions and thick portions of Chinese cabbage in the donabe, added the broth, and brought to a boil, simmered for a few minutes, and turned off the heat.

It was only about 5:30 in the evening. I let the donabe stand until my wife and daughter came home.

When they got home, I brought the donabe to a boil again (on the portable burner this time), and added the thin portions of Chinese cabbage, enoki, and tofu.

I added beef in the shabu-shabu style.

My family discussed what was the best nabe of the six we had had recently (tori tsukune nabe, oden, sukiyaki, udon suki, kimuchi nabe, and today’s gyudon in the nabe style), and we concluded that tsukune nabe and udon suki were the best.

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