Hanjuku Cheese/半熟チーズ

Japanese Food

This is my very first attempt to make hanjuku cheese.
(Hanjuku literally means half-boiled.)


200 g cream cheese
150 ml soy milk
3 eggs
80 g sugar
50 g hakurikiko (low-gluten wheat flour)

You will need an electric whisk.

1. Separate yolks and whites of eggs into two bowls.
2. In the bowl containing whites, add 40 g sugar, and make meringe.
3. In the bowl containing yolks, add 40 g sugar, and whisk well.
4. Cut cream cheese into small pieces, microwave for 30-40 sec. to soften, add to the bowl mentioned in 3., and whisk well.
Edited to add on June 13, 2015: Add milk little by little in this step.
5. Sift flour, add to the bowl, and mix well.
6. Add meringe to the bowl, and mix lightly.
7. Transfer the contents of the bowl into cups.



クリームチーズ 200 g
豆乳 150 ml
卵 3個
砂糖 80 g
薄力粉 50 g


1. 卵を黄身と白身に分けて、それぞれボールに入れます。
2. 白身の入ったボールに砂糖を40 g入れ、メレンゲを作ります。
3. 黄身の入ったボールに砂糖を40 g入れ、泡だて器でよく混ぜます。
4. クリームチーズを小さく切り、電子レンジで30~40秒温め、柔らかくし、3.のボールに入れ、泡だて器でよく混ぜます。
2015年6/13追記: ここで牛乳を少しずつ入れます。
5. 薄力粉をふるい、ボールに入れ、よく混ぜます。
6. ボールにメレンゲを入れ、軽く混ぜます。
7. ボールの中身をカップにあけます。

I transferred about 1/3 of the contents into six aluminum foil cups, and baked them in my 1000-W toaster oven for 11 min. in total.

3 minutes later.

I placed a sheet of aluminum foil on top to prevent them from scorching.


The texture was about right.

I transferred another 1/3 into a frying pan, and put on the lid. Later, I flipped it. I did the same with the remaining 1/3.

Pan-fried version:

Both the baked and pan-fried versions tasted very good for the first attempt.

For better photos of hanjuku cheese, click here.


The original recipe (Japanese only) says to put boiling water in the tray, and bake for 60 min. at 150C.

元のレシピー (Japanese only)では、鉄板に沸かした湯を張り、150℃で60分焼く、と書かれています。

Ingredients of the original recipe (for a 18-cm round mold):
200 g cream cheese
200 ml milk
4 yolks
30 g granulated sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice
4 whites
50 g granulated sugar
30 g hakurikiko (low-gluten flour)
20 g corn starch

クリームチーズ 200g
牛乳 200ml
卵黄 4個
グラニュー糖 30g
レモン汁 大1
卵白 4個
グラニュー糖 50g
薄力粉 30g
コーンスターチ 20g

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