Ishikari Nabe/石狩鍋

Japanese Food

Ishikari nabe is a nabemono or simply nabe (one-pot dish) whose main ingredient is salmon, and it’s a local dish of Hokkaido.
My first encounter with this nabe was at an izakaya in Tokyo when I was in my 20s; it was quite good, and it contained milk. I had long assumed that Ishikari nabe should contain milk. Now I know I was wrong.
Yesterday, I bought one pack of salmon kama (collars), and I decided to make Ishikari nabe for supper, and I also decided to follow this recipe:
Ishikari nabe with milk/牛乳入り石狩鍋 (Japanese only)

You may also want to view this video, which explains this recipe, although you will need a little help from a native Japanese to fully understand it.

Ingredients for 4 servings

4 slices (320 g) salted salmon
4 (600 g) potatoes
2 (200 g) carrots
1/4 (300 g) cabbage
2 (400 g) onions
10 cm kombu
5 cups (1,000 ml) hot water
1/2 cup (100 ml) sake
3 tbsp miso
2 cups (400 ml) milk

Ishikari nabe with milk/牛乳入り石狩鍋(日本語のみ)


塩鮭(甘塩) 4切れ(320g)
じゃが芋 4個(600g)
にんじん 2本(200g)
キャベツ 1/4個(300g)
玉ねぎ 2個(400g)
だし昆布 10cm
熱湯 5カップ
酒 1/2カップ
みそ 大さじ3
牛乳 2カップ

Salmon collars and Hidaka kombu:

TQ/The expiration date of the kombu is… May 2, 2010. Never mind!

This particular kombu is quite impressive! First-class product!

Don’t forget to remove it before the pot comes to a boil.

Salmon kama and a deba:

You will need a deba to cut the kama.

Resulting nabe:

Unfortunately, the nabe wasn’t as flavorful as I had expected. I will make the necessary changes to it tonight, and report back.

Note: The vegetables that I used were:
1/2 daikon
3 potatoes
1 carrot
2 onions
注: 私が使った野菜は
大根 1/2本
ジャガイモ 3個
ニンジン 1本
玉ねぎ 2個

Edited to add the following on December 12:
I added 1 tbsp miso and 1 tsp instant dashi. I tasted the broth and found it was a little too salty, so I had to add about 200 ml water. I found that the broth was just about right this time.
味噌を大さじ1、出汁の素を小さじ1、足しました。味見してみると、ちょっとしょっぱ過ぎるので、水を200 ml程度足しました。今度はだいたいちょうど良くなりました。

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