Iwashi no Ume Ni (Sardines Simmered with Umeboshi/いわしの梅煮

Japanese Food
As part of supper tonight, my wife made iwashi no ume ni (sardines simmered with umeboshi).
I asked her how she made it. She replied she used soy sauce, mirin, a small amount of instant dashi (optional), umeboshi, and ginger (and water, I suppose) to simmer four sardines, previously beheaded and gutted by me.
For those of you who want to make this dish, here is a list of ingredients from one recipe (Japanese only):
4 sardines
2 umeboshi (low-salt)
1/2 knob ginger
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp mirin
Soy sauce to mirin ratio = 1:1
1 cup (= 200 ml) water
いわし 4尾
梅干し 2個(低塩)
しょうが 1/2片
しょう油 大さじ1
みりん 大さじ1
(しょう油とみりんの割合 = 1:1)
水 1カップ(= 200 ml)
My wife’s portion:
Bent because previously beheaded and gutted by me and stored in a bag in the partial freezing compartment of the fridge.
My daughter’s:
Best-looking of the four.
As the summer approaches, we crave for sour and refreshing dishes like this.

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