Japanese Food
Tonight, I went to the tasting party held at the izakaya (Japanese pub) that will open on December 1 near my house.  Ten dishes and as much alcohol as you can drink for 3,000 yen, and you will receive gift certificates worth 3,000 yen that are valid to the izakaya.  It was hard not to go to the tasting party.
Dish 1:  Sperm sac (shirako in Japanese)
一品目: 白子
Dish 2:  Mushroom aemono
二品目: きのこの和え物
Dish 3:  Cold tofu
三品目: 冷や奴(ひややっこ)
Dish 4:  Assorted sashimi
四品目: 刺身の盛り合わせ
Dish 5:  Assorted pickles
五品目: 漬物の盛り合わせ
Dish 6:  Nigiri zushi
六品目: 握り寿司
Dish 7:  Simmered fish
七品目: 煮魚(にざかな)
Last dish:  Kenchin jiru (soup)
最後の料理: けんちん汁
I’m still drunk.  I failed to take photos of two dishes.  What were they?  I can’t remember.
Edited to add dish 8 (9?):
Grilled fish & chicken(?)
I still can’t remember dish 9 or 8.
Verdict:  A very good izakaya.  I’m willing to come again soon.  I hear that the chef/owner has worked  in a hotel in Yuzawa town.
結論: とてもよい居酒屋です。また近く行きたいと思います。オーナーシェフは湯沢町のホテルで働いていたそうです。

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