Japan’s First Regular Soluble Coffee from Nestle/ネスレの日本初の「レギュラーソリュブルコーヒー」

Japanese Food

Nestle launched initial sales of Japan’s first regular soluble coffee in Japan, accepting orders for 2,000 sets from June 11 through 20. I was intrigued and decided to buy one.

The set arrived today. It consists of:
One 70 g bottle of Nescafe Komibaisen Fukairi (Dark Roast),
One 70 g bottle of Nescafe Komibaisen Chuiri (Medium Roast), and
One original measuring spoon
2,000 yen (free shipping)

「ネスカフェ 香味焙煎 深煎り 70g」一瓶
「ネスカフェ 香味焙煎 中煎り 70g」一瓶

According to Nestle’s webpage, Nescafe Komibaisen is a product with a total new concept, manufactured with what they call “hiki mame zutsumi seiho” (ground beans-wrapping technique), whereby ground coffee beans are wrapped in freeze-dried coffee. 66% of those who participated in a blind test, who regularly drink regular coffee, said they preferred Komibaisen.

I must say, however, that their new product fell short of my expectations. Not bad but not good either.

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