Java Curry/ジャワカレー

Japanese Food
As part of supper tonight, I made curry, using one box of Java Curry.
Top: Java Curry Karakuchi (Hot)
Bottom: Vermont Curry Karakuchi (Hot)
上: ジャワカレー 辛口
下: バーモントカレー 辛口

I was going to write that Java Curry Karakuchi is the hottest of all House brands, but then I noticed that I was wrong. Java Curry Spicy Blend is now the hottest.

I’m a “thinking cook”; I’m always thinking of better ways to make dishes, and making curry using store-bought curry roux is no exception! Here’s my current way:

I no longer stir-fry sliced onion with oil in a frying pan or pot. I put sliced onion and carrot in a pot, add some (about 100 ml) water, turn on the gas, put on the lid. When the onion is done, add potato and pork, some water*, put on the lid again, bring to a boil, and simmer for 10 minutes.
* The instructions on the box say to add 1,300 ml of water, but I add less water (say, 900 ml).
フライパンや鍋で油で玉ねぎを炒めるのは止めました。玉ねぎと人参を鍋に入れ、水を少し(100 ml程)入れ、火を付け、蓋をします。玉ねぎに火が通ったら、ジャガイモと豚肉を入れ、水を少し*入れ、また蓋をして、沸騰させ、10分煮ます。
*箱の説明では、水を1,300 ml入れるよう書いてありますが、私は少な目(たとえば900 ml)にします。

Then, I turn off the gas, and add some water (150 ml this time) to quickly lower the temperature of the contents of the pot. I add curry roux, and stir well to dissolve the roux.
そして、火を止め、水を少し(今回は150 ml)入れ、鍋の中身の温度を即座に冷まし、カレールーを入れ、溶けるようよく混ぜます。  

The roux is dissolved completely.

Then, I turn on the gas again, and reheat the curry until thickened, while constantly stirring.

This time, I used 1,150 (100 + 900 + 150) ml of water in total, slightly less than 1,300 ml, which the instructions on the box call for.
今回は、水は全部で1,150 ( 100 + 900 + 150) m使いました。箱に書いてある説明書きより若干少な目です。

The rice was left over from this morning’s rice, rice plus oshi mugi (lit. pressed barley), to be more precise.

I also made clear soup with these brown enoki.

I used three MS eggs.

My wife and children had the rice shown above, but I had shochu instead.

So, this was my supper.

The mug contained a 1:4 mixture of shochu and barley tea.

I avoid having rice when I have alcohol.

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