Kakinomoto (Omoinohoka)/かきのもと(おもいのほか)

Japanese Food
Niigata is one of the few prefectures in Japan where people eat edible chrysanthemum flowers.  These flowers are called Kakinomoto (lit. “Under persimmons”) in the Kaetu region (which includes Niigata city) of Niigata and Omoinohoka (lit. “Contrary to expectations”) in the Chuuetsu region (which includes my city, Minami Uonuma).  Another name is Mottenohoka (lit. Outrageous), meaning that it is outrageous to have the Imperial crest (chrysanthemum).
Today, I bought 300 g Kakinomoto for 298 yen.
今日は、かきのもと300 gを298円で買いました。 
It’s rather time-consuming separating each and every flower into petals.
I regretted that I had bought Kakinomoto today…  Anyway, I had to complete the job.
Boil water and add some vinegar.  Add all the petals.  Each petal is hollow, which gives it a unique texture, so it floats on the water, and you have to use a pair of chopsticks to cook all petals thoroughly.  One recipe says to boil 150 g Kakinomoto for 20-30 seconds, but I had to boil them for more than 1 minute because of the volume (300 g).
お湯を沸かして、お酢を少し入れます。花を全部入れます。花弁は中空で(それが独特な食感を生む)、水に浮くので、箸を使って、ちゃんと茹でる必要があります。或るレシピーでは、150 gのかきのもとを20~30秒茹でると書いてありますが、量が多いので(300 g)、1分以上茹でました。 
Drain, and cool in cold water.  Some recipes say to drain and cool with a fan.
The sauce is a mixture of:
1 cup (200 ml) dashi
6 tbsp (90 ml) say sauce
6 tbsp (90 ml) mirin.
出汁を1カップ(200 ml)
しょう油を大さじ6(90 ml)
みりんを大さじ6(90 ml)

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