Kinu Saya or Saya Endo (Podded Peas) and Green Ume/絹さや(さやえんどう)と青梅

Japanese Food
I often receive boxes of foodstuffs from my parents.  Today, I got a box of podded peas, two large bunches of broccoli, and ao ume (lit. blue plums).
I boiled the podded peas in a pot for 2 minutes.

We had some of them with mayonnaise.
About 4.6 kg ao ume, soaked in water to remove aku (harshness) for 1-2 hours:
青梅、約4.6 kg。アクを抜くため1~2時間、水に漬けます。

I think I’ll make ume drink with these ume.  For that purpose, I put half of them in the freezer
To be continued.

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