Kitakata Ramen/喜多方ラーメン

Japanese Food

Today, I got this box of Kitakata ramen as a gift. Kitakata ramen is one of the Three Great Ramen in Japan, together with Sapporo ramen and Hakata ramen.

Seven packs of ramen noodles, together with four pouches of soy sauce-flavored broth and three pouches of miso-flavored broth:

Note that the broth of Kitakata ramen is usually soy sauce-flavored.
Kitakata ramen is characterized by its thick, flat, and curly noodles, among others.

In general, Kitakata ramen noodles have high kasuiritsu* (38-43%), in contrast to 30-35% for regular ramen noodles, giving them a sleek, mochi-mochi (mochi-like) texture.
*The percentage of water added to flour when making noodles.
Hopefully, I will be able to update this post in a day or two.
Edited to add this photo:

I had one pack for lunch today. Sorry, as you can see, no toppings. Common toppings for Kitakata ramen include chashu (Japanese version of char siu), menma (a kind of simmered bamboo shoots), and chopped negi (Japanese scallion). The noodles were sleek as I had imagined but not as resilient as I had imagined, and the broth was salty as I had imagined.

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