Ko Aji no Nanban Zuke/小あじの南蛮漬け

Japanese Food

I bought a pack of ko aji (small horse mackerel) on the day the flood took place (July 30), and put it in the optical partial freezing compartment of the fridge. Today (August 3), I finally got around to use them to make nanban zuke. One great advantage of a partial freezing compartment is that once I put some food in it, I can forget about its expiration date for weeks.

At first, I thought I would try the technique explained in this video at 1:25 and after to clean the ko aji, but I decided to cut off the head with the deba. Well, I thought it was a kind of scary to have them whole… (Don’t laugh!)
I found one aji had a small sardine in its mouth!

Be sure to remove the blood. That being said, I failed to remove it completely (because the aji had been partially frozen?).

And, make sure you don’t hurt yourself with the back fin.

I later cut big ko aji in half. I put all the ko aji in an I-wrap bag, added 2 tsp katakuriko (potato starch), and shook the bag to evenly coat the aji.
Deep-fry at a low temperature (160-170C) for 10 min. so that even the backbone becomes soft enough.

As usual, my marinade is a 3:3:1 mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, and sugar (75 ml, 75 ml, 25 ml this time).
いつも通り、タレはお酢としょう油と砂糖を3:3:1で混ぜたものです(今回は75 ml、75 ml、25 mlにしました)。

”Where are the ko aji?”, you might ask. Here they are.

I’m sure the ko aji no nanban zuke will be much tastier tomorrow!

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