Ko Aji no Nanban Zuke, Chicken Thigh Karaage, and Kabocha Soup/小あじの南蛮漬け、鶏のももの唐揚げ、カボチャスープ

Japanese Food

I finally found ko aji sold at the supermarket today, and I just had to buy one pack.

At this size, some people opt not to degut each one, but I meticulously removed the gills and innards from each one, which was rather time-consuming.

I also made chicken karaage, using two thighs.

Some say smaller aji taste better, and I couldn’t agree more!
The most delicious ko aji no nanbanzuke I’ve ever had!

I also made kabocha soup (potage?), using half a large kabocha.

(This photo was taken after my family had the soup.)

It took me one and a half hours to make these three dishes. Let me add that I am a type who cleans while cooking.

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