Kogome or Kogomi (Ostrich Fern Fiddleheads)/コゴミ、コゴメ

Japanese Food

Today, I went shopping before noon, and found packs of kogome sold at the supermarket. I think the kogome are cultivated ones because of the relatively low price (198 yen).

I will come back with a photo of boiled kogome later.

Edited to add a photo of boiled kogome:

Unlike in the United States, kogome are boiled for relatively a short time, say 3 minutes or so, in Japan. Otherwise, kogome will lose their flavor and texture.

I think I was wrong. I had thought the kogome shown above were cultivated. I went to the supermarket today, and bought another pack. I asked a clerk if they were wild or cultivated. He replied they were wild ones.

Forgot to say that I had the boiled kogome with ponzu and mayonnaise. I can’t think of any other good way to have kogome.

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