Japanese Food

The TV drama, Kuitan (Gluttonous Detective), was not only amusing, but it was also very informative. For example, you can learn a lot about differences in food culture between Kanto (Eastern Japan; area in and around Tokyo) and Kansai (Western Japan; area in and around Osaka) from Episode 6 of Kuitan 2.

Kuitan2 Ep06 1 0f 6
At 3:15, Kuitan finds a takoyaki machine. Osaka is famous for takoyaki. In fact, it is said that every household in Osaka has a takoyaki machine.
At 6:41, Kurara places a tray on the table that contains kitsune (lit. fox, seasoned abura age) udon in light-colored broth, Osaka-style okonomiyaki, and a bowl of rice. Other dishes shown include kushi katsu (skewered cutlets), niku-jaga (meat*-potato stew), and dashimaki tamago, which is less sweet than atsuyaki tamago in Kanto.
*The default meat in Kansai is beef, not pork. When the people in Kansai say “niku” (meat), they mean beef. In Kanto, niku means pork.

Kuitan2 Ep06 1 0f 6

To be continued/続く

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