Kuri Okowa/栗おこわ

Japanese Food

This is the third time I have made kuri okowa (mochi gome, i.e., glutinous rice cooked with chestnuts) this fall.
For this time, I mixed all the leftover uncooked 1.2 go mochi gome and 2.3 go uruchi mai (regular, non-glutinous rice) together, 3.5 go in total, plus 30 chestnuts.
(1 go is equivalent to 180 ml.)
Because of the high ratio of chestnuts, I had to increase the amount of water to put in the rice cooker. But just how much? I added water up to the level for 4 go of rice and hoped for the best.

I made it!
Tonight’s supper.
I also had leftover hamburgers and leftover tempura.

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