La France vs. Le Lectier/ラフランス対ルレクチエ

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The other day, I bought a pack of four “La France” for 298 yen, and today, I bought a box of “Le Lectier” for 950 yen. I like both pears, but I prefer Le Lectier partly it’s rarer than La France, the former being produced almost entirely in Niigata prefecture while the latter is produced in other prefectures like Yamagata and mainly because the former is more fragrant and flavorful and has creamy flesh.

Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the cross section of the La France.

Cross section of the Le Lectier:

I think I have to take back my words. La France was also fragrant and flavorful. The bottom line is both varieties are very good in their own ways.

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