List of Food-Related TV Dramas/食に関するテレビドラマのリスト

Japanese Food

So far, the following TV dramas and others have been recommended by me and others.

Shinya Shokudo
Lunch Queen
My Little Chef
Kuitan 2
Ando Natsu
still walking (film/movie)
Tampopo (film/movie)
Iron Chef (TV show)
The Chef

Those who wish to mention their favorite TV dramas and so on are requsted to post them as comments.

Additions on and after April 22:

Shota no Sushi (recommended by Mike)

kamome shokudo かもめ食堂
shokudo katatsumuri 食堂かたつむり 
nankyoku ryorinin 南極料理人 (recommended by okasan)

Edited to add on Jan. 22, 2022:
1.  Recommended by Kiki:
New jqpqnese drama series in 2012: Hungry
Watched 2 episodes. Not that bad: about a former no good rock musican starting a french restaurant.
2.  Koukousei Restaurant recommended by me
Official website:

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