Making Hoshi Gaki (Dried Persimmons)/干し柿作り

Japanese Food
Last Friday, I got a box of shibu gaki (astringent persimmons) from my father.  I checked them all and found 27 of them were without T-shaped twigs.  I decided to remove the astringency from them (“sawasu” in Japanese) with alcohol.
In general, a spirit with an alcohol content of 35% or greater is used for this purpose.  A special spirit specifically for this purpose has an alcohol content of 47%!  I decided to try my shochu with  25% alcohol.
Just dip the upper part of each persimmon in a container of shochu.
This is a common step, and I followed it, wondering if it would be possible just to put all the permissions in a plastic bag and sprinkle some shochu over them.
Put all the persimmons in a plastic bag, and seal the bag tight.
Because of the less alcohol content, it may take a little more time to remove the astringency.  Ten days maybe?
My wife suggested that I remove the astringency from all the persimmons this way, but I protested.  I finally decided to remove the astringency from 20 more and dry the remaining 14.
I dried them in the garage.
While peeling, one persimmon lost its T-shaped twig, and I had to consider how to hang it.
It will take one month to dry them completely.

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