Making Seri Gohan with Cultivated Seri and Cultivating Seri from Roots/栽培のセリでセリご飯を作り、根っこでセリを栽培

Japanese Food
Yesterday, my father bought three bunches of cultivated seri.

My father wanted to cultivate seri from the roots, so I cut off the roots, with about 5 cm of the stems attached, and
父は、根っこからセリを栽培したいと言うので、根っこを、茎を5 cm程度付けて、切り取り、

put the roots in a container full of water.

I am now fully convinced that cultivated seri should NOT be parboiled to make seri gohan, unlike wild seri. The reason is simple: Cultivated seri has much less “aku” (harshness) than the wild, and need not be parboil. Besides, you will lose much of its flavor if you parboil it first.

So, I simply cut the seri into 2-3 cm lengths, rinsed with water, drained, and put it in a frying pan with some oil. I put on the lid, and heated it for 3-4 minutes. I used salad oil, not sesame seed oil.
というわけで、セリを単に2、3センチに長さに切り、水で洗い、水を切り、少し油を敷いたフライパンに入れ、3、4分加熱しました。 油はごま油ではなく、サラダ油を使いました。

(Last time I made seri gohan, I used sesame seed oil, but my father said he preferred salad oil.)

Then, I added leftover rice.

I should have microwaved the rice first.

I added some salt and some soy sauce.


My father planted the roots in a plot later.

This is the second time he has planted seri roots. The first roots have grown only slightly.

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