Milk Mochi/ミルク餅

Japanese Food

After I made gyunyu kan yesterday, my daughter remarked, “I want to have milk mochi, too!” So I made it today. It’s a kind of confection that a mother makes for her small child(ren), but I think it’s very tasty and worth trying. I even posted a recipe to RecipeGullet.
It should be noted that when I say sugar, I mean Japanese sato, or johakuto, which contains invert sugar and feels moist. This type of sugar is mainly used in Japanese cooking. The photo below shows a pack of sato (right) and sato in a container (middle). Shown on the left is katakuriko (potato starch).

This silverware plate has an ume (Japanese plum) tree drawn on it.

Believe me, it’s tasty!

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