Japanese Food

I wanted to write about sushi and kaiseki, but decided to write about something lighter. Besides, I’m drunk now.

I pickled five cucumbers on the evening of July 2, and this is what they look like this morning (July 5).

This time, I used shio kombu (salted kelp), instead of plain salt, which resulted in better-tasting pickles. No wonder, because the shio kombu contains MSG.

For supper tonight, I made asari no saka mushi (short-necked clams cooked (“steamed”) in sake), using 600 g, really good, domestic, and expensive asari (130 yen per 100 g). I used drinking sake not cooking sake. This brand, Hakkaisan, is very famous in Kanto. It is made here in my city, Minami Uonuma city, Niigata prefecture. I added some (about 1/2 tsp) salt, as per one recipe.
今日の夕食には、本当にいい、国産の高いアサリ(100 g 130円)を600 g使って、アサリの酒蒸しを作りました。酒は調理酒ではなく飲用の酒を使いました。この銘柄、八海山は関東ではとても有名です。私の住む市、新潟県の南魚沼市で作られています。塩を少し(小さじ1/2程度)入れました。

This post was written on June 5, but was published today (June 6).

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