Mochi Awa/もちあわ

Japanese Food

Mochi awa is a type of foxtail millet.
I recently learned that mochi awa contains six times as much iron as rice, that is, as much iron as liver.  My daughter has anemia, so I thought mochi awa would be a perfect addition to rice for her.

I mixed 4 go (4 x 180 ml) rice with 1/2 go (90 ml) mochi awa, and cooked in the rice cooker, with the amount of water for 4 + 1/2 go rice.
お米を4合ともちあわを1/2合、混ぜて、水は4 + 1/2合のお米用の量にして、炊飯器で炊きました。
For supper tonight, we had the rice and mochi awa with dry curry.
I thought that mochi awa was a little like corn meal in flavor.
Edited to add two photos:
For lunch today, I mixed 2 go each of rice and mochi awa, and cooked them with the amount of water for 4 go of rice.
Very fragrant and flavorful.

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