Mugi Toro Gohan (Rice Cooked with Barley, Topped with Grated Yam)/麦とろご飯

Japanese Food

Yesterday, while shopping, I found jinen’jo (wild yams) sold for 300 yen per bag.

One bag contained these three jams.

And, I made “mugi toro gohan” for supper tonight. My son volunteered to help. First, I washed the yams and showed my son how to remove the “hair”.

I asked my son to grate the yams in the suribachi (Japanese mortar).

After my son grated all the three yams, I told him to smooth the grated yams with the surikogi (Japanese pestle).

Then, I added about 200 ml of 3:1:1 mixture of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin, little by little. (One recipe calls for 500 ml of such a mixture for 300 g yams, but I stopped adding more.)
次に、出汁、醤油、みりんを3:1:1で混ぜたものを200 ml、少しづつ加えました。(あるレシピでは、300 gの山芋に対して500 mlの出汁を入れるよう書いてありましたが、200 ml以上入れるのは止めました。)

I mixed four go (4 x 180 ml) rice with 100 g barley (“oshi mugi”, lit. pressed barley). Just cooked rice and barley:
お米4合に押し麦を100 g混ぜました。炊きたての麦ご飯:

I must say that I’m not a great fan of grated yams. But my son loves it!

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