My Father’s Temae Miso/父の手前味噌

Japanese Food

The word temae (lit. hand + before/in front of) has a number of meanings. It can be used to refer to the first person (and even the second person in some situations). Thus, temae miso literally means my/our miso, but it actually means self-praise, because almost everyone wants to boast of the miso they make themselves.
(The theme of episode 2 of the TV drama, Osen, is miso.)


Today, I got 13-kg of home-made miso from my father.

I tried to put all the miso in the fridge and the freezer.

But, I gave up the attempt halfway through. I think I’ll store the rest (more than half) in a cool, dark place.

It’s not true that miso can never go bad. It may be true of traditional, very salty miso, but modern less salty miso can go bad if not properly stored.

I think I’ll use my father’s temae miso in a variety of dishes!

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