My Own Style of Tsukemen (Dipping Noodles)/私流のつけ麺

Japanese Food

I’m not going to talk about the tsukemen invented by Kazuo Yamagishi of Taishoken; I just want to talk about my style of tsukemen, which is much simpler.

Luckily, I got these four packs of ramen noodles for half the regular prices from the supermarket I frequent the other day.

Ramen noodles, boiled, drained, and rinsed and cooled:

I made the dipping sauce by combining dashi, soy sauce, and mirin at a ratio of 5:1:1, boiling for some time, and chilling in the fridge. Each diner added some vinegar, sesame seed oil, and chopped naga negi (Japanese scallion) to their dipping sauce.

What a treat for a hot day!

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