Niitaka Nashi (Pears)/新高梨

Japanese Food

I’ve been waiting for so long for a day when Niitaka nashi (pear) are sold at a special price, and such a day has finally come. Today, I have bought two Niitaka nashi for 198 yen each, each measuring 11 to 12 cm in diameter. The sugar content is 12 or greater, as the stickers say.
新高梨が特売になる日をずっと待っていました。そして、その日がやっと来ました。今日、一つ198円の新高梨を2つ買いました。それぞれ、直径が11~12 cmもあります。糖度はシールに書いてある通り、12度以上です。

Edited to add this photo:

I really like niitaka nashi because of its mild sweetness and crispy texture.

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