Not Much Cooking, So…/あまり料理してないので・・・

Japanese Food

I haven’t done much cooking these days, so I’d like to share with you some photos I took this morning.

A bag of frozen Chamame and its contents:

As I said previously, Chamame (lit. brown bean) is a variety of soy bean eaten as edamame. It’s flavorful, and it’s very popular here in Niigata.

Dried scallops:

These 12 dried scallops (70 g in total) cost almost 1,000 yen.
この12個の干し貝柱(全部で70 g)は千円近くしました。

To reconstitute them, I soaked them in a small amount of water and put them in the fridge overnight.

I put them all in clear soup this morning.

Ice creams in the freezer:

Believe or not, I’m not a big fan of Haagen Dazs; it’s too rich (and hard!) for me. I prefer MOW, which is also rich, but is less rich than Haagen Dazs. Sato Monaka (bottom left) is one of my favorites. It has chestnut filling in it. Vanilla Bar of Lotte (bottom center) should be a favorite of almost everyone. Shiro Kuma (lit. White Bear) is a specialty of Kyushu, but has become readily available in other parts of Japan. It contains pineapple, yellow peach, and aduki. Another favorite of almost everyone.

Finally, three types of Usu Kawa (Thin Crust) series of Yamazaki:

Top to bottom: “Cream pan” (pan = bread), which contains custard cream, “tsubu an pan”, which contains tsubu an (azuki bean jam with skins unremoved), and “sakura an pan”, which contains shiro (white) an with bits of salted sakura leaves.
上から下へ: クリームパン、つぶあんぱん、さくらあんぱん

One sakura an pan cut into halves:

Not bad for its price (around 120 yen).

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