Okky Nameko/オッキーなめこ

Japanese Food

Okky Nameko is one of my favorite mushrooms. It’s a new type of nameko produced by Sugawara Reizou Co., Ltd. (Japanese only), located in Yamagata, using culture medium containing plant collagen. Obviously, its greatest feature is its size, and the manufacturer says even its stem tastes good. 
Note: I’m not sure how to spell オッキー in English. The spelling Okky is tentative. 

The other day, I bought two packs. 

I just put it in miso soup, together with diced silken tofu. 
さいの目に切った絹豆腐と一緒に味噌汁に入れました。 Edited to add a photo: 写真を追加: Before the advent of Okky Nameko, nameko this size was of large size. オッキーなめこが登場する前は、このサイズのなめこが大きいサイズでした。

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