Okonomiyaki with Yamato Imo in It/大和芋入りのお好み焼き

Japanese Food
Late last year, my father sent us this yamato imo together with other foodstuffs.
My father said he got some yamato imo from an acquaintance. Yamato imo is a type of yama imo (lit. “mountain potato”, yam). I’ve never seen yamato imo of such a strange shape.
Images of yamato imo
We used it to make tororo soba first, and then mugi toro.
And, as part of supper last night, I used the rest of the yamato imo to make okonomiyaki.
About 500 g.
約500 gです。

I don’t like to peel the yamato imo because the skin is not thick and the part just below the skin is the most delicious part, but I peeled most of the skin because it was very soily, even after I scrubbed it with a tawashi.

I added 600 g cabbage, and checked the texture. Then, I decided to add:
100 g flour
1 tbsp baking powder
200 ml milk
1 pack of sakura ebi (dried small shrimp)
キャベツを600 g入れ、柔らかさをチェックしました。 そして、次のものを入れることにしました:
小麦粉100 g
ベーキングパウダー 大さじ1
牛乳 200 ml
桜えび 1パック
I made four okonomiyaki in total, using two 18-cm diameter frying pan.
直径18 cmのフライパンを2つ使って、お好み焼きを全部で4枚作りました。 
My trick for flipping over using a plate worked fine, even though the dough is very soft because of the addition of yamato imo.
We also had leftover tonjiru (pork soup) and some other leftovers.
I also boiled some natsumikan peels. They are now in the fridge. I will simmer them with sugar later.
I almost forgot to upload this photo:

As always, my okonomiyaki is moyo-less.

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