Japanese Food

Last Sunday, I made onigiri (rice balls) for my son.

One important thing to remember when making onigiri is, “Make while the rice is hot.”

My way of making onigiri has changed over the years, and here is my present method:
0. Put some cold water in a container, and set aside.
1. Put some hot rice in a bowl.
2. Add a certain ingredient, mix well with a large spoon.
3. Wet my hands by dipping them in the container of water, scoop some rice with the spoon, and place it on my left hand.
4. Make the rice into a rectangle in my left hand, turning it with my right hand four times ONLY.
0. 容器に水を入れて、置いておく。
1. ボールに熱いご飯を入れる。
2. 具を入れ、大きなスプーンでよく混ぜる。
3. 両手を水の入った容器に入れて濡らし、スプーンでご飯を取り、左手に置く。
4. 右手で4回だけ回しながら、左手でご飯を三角形にする。

5. Cut each sheet of nori lengthwise into four strips. Wrap each onirigi in one strip of nori.
6. Place one onigiri at the center of a sheet of plastic wrap.
5. 海苔一枚を縦に4枚に切る。おにぎりをそれぞれ一片の海苔で包む。
6. 一つのおにぎりをラップの中央に置く。

7. Wrap it this way first.
7. まずは次のように包む。

8. Then, wrap it this way.
8. それから、次のように包む。


My son took three of them with him. I had the rest for lunch that day.

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