Pickled Nozawana/野沢菜漬け

Japanese Food

Can you guess what’s in this large plastic container?

When you open the lid, you will first see a weight and a plastic board (not visible in the photo) beneath it.

When you take them out, you will see this:

Pickled nozawana, well, a lot of it!

The pickled nozawana was given to us by BIL last November. It retained its original vivid green for some time, but it has now turned amber. It has turned sour, too. It’s still good as tsukemono, and you can also remove some salt from it and use it for a variety of dishes.

I finely chopped some pickled nozawana, put it in a bowl full of water to remove some salt, and drained it. I like to mix it with natto.

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