Potatoes, Lots of Them!/ジャガイモ、いっぱい!

Japanese Food
The other day, we got just a lot of potatoes from my wife’s father. I just can’t tell how much. Maybe close to 30 kg. Since then, we have consumed them in a variety of dishes, but we still have this much left.
先日、妻の実父からジャガイモをたくさんもらいました。どのくらいかちょっと分かりません。ひょっとすると、30 kg近いかも。それから色々な料理で消費してきました、それでもまだこれだけ残っています。

Today, I decided to make french fries and potato chips with some medium and large ones.

I simply boiled all small ones for more than 40 minutes, in two pots.

I thought I would use these four large ones to make potato chips.

Medium ones were used to make french fries.

I wasn’t sure if I could make potato chips properly… I did some googling and decided to try this method: Hold a slicer (mandoline?) in one hand above the pot for deep-frying and slice a potato with the other hand to drop slices directly into the pot, one by one.

For the first batch, I sliced half a potato.

I didn’t measure the time, but it really took a long time (5 minutes or so) until the slices turned crisp.

After the first batch, I gave up the attempt. Potato chip making is too time-consuming. And, I had to make chicken karaage.

The potato chips were very oily and did not look very appetizing, but my two children said they were very good. They were gone in a minute!

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