Proper Way to Place the Three Items on the Table/3点をテーブルに置く正しい方法

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Just cooked, piping hot rice is a favorite of almost every Japanese.
Don’t ever think that rice can be a side dish or garnish in Japan. In Japan, gohan (cooked rice) is synonymuos with shokuji (meal)!
Yesterday, I bought a pack of mitsuba to make chawanmushi (Japanese egg custard) in the near future. This morning, I used some of it as a garnish in clear soup.

By the “three items” in the title, I mean a pair of chopsticks (o-hashi or hashi in Japanese), a rice bowl (o-chawan or chawan in Japanese), and a soup bowl (o-wan in Japanese).
o- is an honorific prefix, and is termed “bika go” (lit. beautifying word) nowadays.
You must place the pair of chopsticks along the edge of the table, with the pointed ends directing to the left (even if you are left-handed). Place the rice bowl on your left and the soup bowl on your right.
Don’t be innovative or creative when placing the three items!
Last night, I pickled three cucumbers in a 1:1 mixture (60 ml each) of mirin-like seasoning and vinegar plus 2/3 tsp salt and some shiso (perilla) leaves. They looked like this this morning.
昨晩は、キュウリを3本、みりん風調味料とお酢を1:1に混ぜたもの(60 mlづつ)漬けて、塩小さじ2/3とシソの葉を数枚入れました。今朝はこんな感じです。

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