Ramen of my Style/自分流のラーメン

Japanese Food

Today, I went shopping before noon, and bought several foodstuffs that I needed to make ramen, among others: Negi, ramen noodles, and naruto (a type of fish paste with a pink spiral pattern in it).
Top: Naruto
Middle, from left to right: Noodles, menma, and chashu
Bottom: Negi
上: ナルト
中央(左から右へ): 麺、メンマ、チャーシュー

Of the three types of ramen noodles that the manufacturer offers, I selected gokuboso (superfine):

The cooking time is 1 minute, as opposed to 3 minutes for the Kitakata ramen noodles I previously mentioned.

So, I have to make all the preparations before cooking the noodles.

For the broth, I combined together:
1/2 tsp normal (bonito-flavored) dashi
1 tsp chicken dashi
25 ml soy sauce
300 ml boiled water
(soy sauce and water ratio: 1:12)
通常の(カツオ味の)出汁 小さじ半分
鶏がらだし 小さじ1
醤油 25 ml
沸騰したお湯 300 ml
(醤油とお湯の割合: 1:12)

When the noodles are done, I have to work really fast before the noodles get soggy and soft (“nobiru” in Japanese (lit. to extend)). The Japanese are generally very particular about the texture of noodles, and I am no exception. Besides, superfine noodles will become soggy and soft quickly.

Very good!

The broth was rather salty. Next time, I will reduce the amount of soy sauce.

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