Sanma from Meguro/目黒の秋刀魚

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First, read this rakugo story: Sanma from Meguro.
In those days, sanma were considered a “ge zakana” (< sakana), or inferior fish, a type of fish that a lord should never eat.
A funny story, but one can learn an important lesson from it: Elaborate cooking will not necessarily make the ingredients tastier.
面白い話ですが、大切な教訓を得ることができます: 手の込んだ料理をしても、必ずしも具材が美味しくなるわけではない、ということです。

In connection with this rakugo story, two similar festivals are held when sanma are in season.

On September 4, 2011, the 16th Meguro no Sanma Matsuri (Japanese only) was held in Meguro, in Tokyo, where 6,000 sanma from Miyako, Iwate Prefecture, were charcoal grilled and offered free of charge, together with sudachi (a type of citrus fruit) from Tokushima Prefecture and daikon oroshi made with daikon from Tochigi Prefecture. This festival is described here.

And, on September 18, the 35th Meguro Citizens Festival (also called the Meguro SUN Matsuri) was also held in Meguro, where another Meguro no Sanma Matsuri was held, where 5,000 sanma from Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture were charcoal grilled and offered for free, together with grated daikon made with daikon from Miyagi, kabosu (a type of citrus fruit) from Oita, and soy sauce from Kesennuma.

Note that both Miyako and Kesennuma were devastated by the recent earthquake and tsunami.

Edited to add a link to an article of the Japan Times.
追記: Japan Timesの記事のリンクを貼ります。

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