Sanma (Pacific Saury) and Chestnuts/サンマ(秋刀魚)と栗

Japanese Food

Sanma are in season right now.
In Japan, few fish are more closely associated with the fall than sanma.今、サンマが旬です。

I got four sanma at the supermarket for 98 yen each.
I usually don’t buy chestnuts, because my father sends us boxes of them around this time of year, but this particular year, he said he got a very small crop and sent us only one bag. I decided to use them to make chestnut cake, and I bought one bag at the supermarket to make kuri okowa.

Like I mentioned here, you don’t necessarily have to use a long plate specifically for sanma. Just cut a sanma in half (diagonally) at the anus and serve in a normal plate.
Note: After I took this photo, I put some daikon oroshi (grated daikon) and poured some ponzu.
注: この写真を撮った後で、大根おろしを載せ、ポン酢をかけました。

Here is the front cover of Volume 2 of the comic book, Shinya Shokudo.

This volume contains episode 18, Sanma no Shioyaki (Salt-Grilled Sanma).

The Master says that the worst fish eater of his customers is Marilyn (stripteaser). The best fish eater is the guy (massager) sitting next to her. To everyone’s surprise, the two start to go out together.

Kuri okowa is usually made with mochi rice (glutinous rice), but I mixed 3 go of mochi rice with 2 go of regular rice, like I did before as I mentioned here. This resulted in delicious, less sticky kuri okowa.

Sprinkle some salt and sesame seeds.

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