Shigefusa Kitaeji 180-mm Petty Knife/重房の鍛地ペティナイフ

Japanese Food

I made another purchase from Yoshizawa Riko.
This time, I bought a Shigefusa kitaeji 180-mm “petty” (paring) knife for 29,900 yen.
Third photo from the top on this webpage
今回は、重房の鍛地180 mmのペティーナイフ(29,900円)を買いました。

Comparison with other knives of mine:

Note that this particular petty knife is quite similar to my sashimi knife in blade length and handle shape. It was much lighter than I had thought; approx. 100 g. I’m thinking of using it as a kind of all-purpose knife for cutting meat and vegetables and even for making sashimi! Just as I expected, this knife can cut a tomato better than my Shigefusa nakiri. More details to come later.
このペティーナイフは、刃の長さと柄の形が刺身包丁によく似ています。重さは思ったより軽く、およそ100 gです。肉や野菜を切るための、さらに、刺身を作るための、いわば万能包丁みたいに使おうと思ってます。予想通り、この包丁は重房の菜切りよりトマトをよく切れます。詳細はまた後で。

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