Shigefusa Nakiri Bocho/重房の菜切り包丁

Japanese Food

I finally got one! A Shigefusa knife! Yesterday, I ordered a Shigefusa nakiri bocho (knife for cutting greens) from a shop in Tokyo, and I received it today.
Price: 13,200 yen (very reasonable!)
For an explanation of nakiri bocho, go to this Wikipedia entry.

Which angle would you prefer? (laugh)

First of all, I cut a tomato into wedges with this knife. The knife cut so well!

My other knives (top to bottom): Cheap sashimi knife from Kaijirushi (known as Kai in the United States), cheap deba knife, also from Kaijirushi, German knife (my wife’s, actually), and Global santoku.
私の他の包丁(上から下へ): 貝印の安い刺身包丁、同じく貝印の安い出刃包丁、ドイツの包丁(実際は妻のです)、グローバルの三徳。

To maintain the Shigefusa knife properly, I need to buy a better whetstone and a better sharpening tool.

More on this Shigefusa nakiri after I shred cabbage and cut a daikon!

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