Smoked Hokke/ホッケの燻製(くんせい)

Japanese Food
I got hokke no kunsei (smoked hokke) from my father.

Hokke is called Okhotsk atka mackerel in English.
ホッケは英語ではOkhotsk atka mackerelと言います。

Smoked hokke sounds delicious, and

looks delicious!

And, it was delicious!

I have googled extensively and found that smoked hokke is a specialty of Hokkaido. It think it should be called hokke jerky rather than smoked hokke. It’s smoked and seasoned with sugar, salt, and other seasonings, and it’s very tough! I also searched for proper ways to eat smoked hokke.

Just peel off the skin and have it. Or, slightly grill it to make it more aromatic. Your hands will get very oily while having it. You will need some tissue paper.
You may want to use scissors to cut it into small pieces, and you may also want to place it on some newspaper (and wipe oil off your hands with the newspaper)


That being said, I have come up with an easy way. Place some smoked hokke on plastic wrap, and heat in microwave for 10-20 seconds. Peel off the skin and have it.

The flesh is amber.

Wipe off oil with tissue paper. Or, simply wash your hands with soup.

I have one problem to solve: What to do with the skin.
問題が一つ: 皮をどうするか?

You can simply throw it away, but are there any good ways to cook it?

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