Soba and Fukinoto Tempura/そばとフキノトウの天ぷら

Japanese Food
Two days ago, my son remarked, “I want to have fukinoto tempura!” So, I bought three packs of hegi soba today.

Hegi soba is a specialty of Niigata. Hegi refers to a rectangular wooden tray in which the soba is served. Hegi soba contains funori (a type of seaweed).

Images of hegi soba/へぎそばの画像
Images of funori/布海苔の画像

I also bought one pack of fukinoto.

I know the local people would laugh at me for purchasing fukinoto. I know I could have collected them for free if I had gone to an appropriate place, but I simply didn’t want to do that.

I boiled the three packs (200 g x 3 = 600 g) of soba in a large pot for 5 min.
そば3袋(200 g x 3 = 600 g)を大きな鍋で5分茹でました。

I just can’t make these hegi soba noodles into coils beautifully…

Then, I started making tempura.
Gyoniku (fishmeat) sausage:

1. Kakiage (onion, carrot, dried shrimp)
2. Kabocha
3. Gyoniku sausage
4. Fukinoto
1. かき揚げ(玉ねぎ、にんじん、干しエビ)
2. かぼちゃ
3. 魚肉ソーセージ
4. フキノトウ

I mixed two large eggs with 1 1/2 cups (200 + 100 ml = 300 ml) of water.
卵L2個を水1.5カップ(200 + 100 ml = 300 ml)を混ぜました。

Then, I added about 2 cups (2 x 200 ml) of flour.
次に、小麦粉を2カップ(2 x 200 ml)程度混ぜました。

Fukinoto first.

Kabocha next.

Gyoniku sausage next.

I had hegi soba with shredded naganegi and wasabi.

I gave up making kakiage. Why? The three types of tempura were more than enough. I didn’t want to make more tempura!

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