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Japanese Food
The day before yesterday, I got nemagari take from a neighbor!

A friend of mine recently took a trip to Tokyo, and I got this souvenir from her.

The 634-meter Tokyo Sky Tree opened on May 22.
The Crispy Chocolat is about 96 mm (in height) per piece, and if you multiply the height by 6600, you will get the height of Tokyo Sky Tree.  Thus, the number 6600 on the package.
634 mの東京スカイツリーは5月22日にオープンしました。
クリスピーショコラは一つ96 mm(高さ)で、この高さを6600倍すると東京スカイツリーの高さになるそうです。というわけで、パッケージに6600という数が書かれています。
The seller is Morozoff.

Sounds like good stuff!

And, it was good!  I had two pieces right away.
I recently bought this special miso.

This miso contains lactic acid bacteria derived from rice that have been developed by Kameda Seika (a large confectionery maker).  The label says that the miso is not sour although it contains 10 billion or more lactic acid bacteria per 12.5 g.
この味噌には、亀田製菓(大手お菓子メーカー)が開発した、お米由来の乳酸菌が入っています。味噌には12.5 g当たり乳酸菌が100億個以上も入っているのにすっぱくないそうです。

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