Stalk Tea Has Arrived/茎茶が届きました

Japanese Food

As I mentioned in my foodblog on eGullet, I drink more than two liters of green tea a day. Today, another box of green tea arrived. Each bag contains 100 g of kuki cha (stalk tea) and costs 500 yen. I like this particular type of tea because it’s light and tasty.
eGulletのフードブログで述べた通り、毎日、緑茶を2リットル以上飲んでいます。今日、緑茶がまた一箱届きました。各袋には茎茶が100 g入っていて、500円です。軽くて美味しいので、このタイプのお茶が好きです。

I use a patented V-Cut Filter to draw tea.

I had asked the owner of the enoki mushroom factory to give me some used saw dust, and she kindly gave me a lot of it today.

Because I had to deliver the used saw dust to my house, I had less time left for lunch, so I had a very simple meal. Some packs of nori sheets and a bottle of “nori no tsukudani” (laver seasoned with soy sauce/mirin/sugar/sake). I had the nori sheets with a dipping sauce that I made by combining soy sauce and mirin at ratio of 1:1 and heating the mixture for 20-30 seconds in the microwave.

The sauce is less salty than soy sauce and slightly sweet. Very simple to make yet very tasty.

Finally, I had coffee jelly.

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