Su Kombu (Vinegared Kombu)/酢昆布

Japanese Food

I made su kombu.

40 g kombu, cut into appropriate width strips
1 cup (200 ml) vinegar
In Japan, 1 cup is equivalent to 200 ml.
4 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
Combine them together in a container, let stand in the fridge for a whole day.

昆布 40 g、適当な幅に切る
お酢 1カップ(200 ml)
日本では、1カップ=200 mlです。
砂糖 大さじ4
塩 小さじ1

Just combined together:

I let them stand in the fridge for two days.

I transferred the kombu to a bowl, one strip at a time, using a pair of chopsticks, and put them back to the fridge. I got this amount of liquid in the container.

Maybe 1 cup is more than enough. I won’t throw the liquid away. I store it in the fridge.

Note that commercially available su kombu has white powdery substance on the surface. According to several sites, su kombu is dried and then coated with this substance. But some sites like this one (Japanese only) says that even home-made su kombu will develop white powder when stored in the fridge. (Visit this site and view the last photo.)

To be continued.

Edited to add this photo on Jan. 12:

I dried some kombu strips for more than one day. There were no signs of white substance appearing on the surface. I gave up the attempt and had one strip and found it simply had become tough again.

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