Substantial Clear Soup and Hito-Kuchi Katsu (One-Byte Cultlets)/具沢山の澄まし汁と一口カツ

Japanese Food

For supper last night, I made substantial clear soup, hito-kuchi (one-byte) katsu, and onion slices.
Approx. 2 liters water
3 tsp instant dashi
1 tsp salt
1 large onion, very thinly sliced
1 pack small bamboo shoot
1 pack enokitake
2 large eggs
I later added some wakame and soy sauce.
水 約2リットル
出汁の素 小さじ3
塩 小さじ1
玉ねぎ 大 1個(ごく薄く切る)
タケノコ 小 1パック
エノキ 1パック
卵 L 2個
Usually, clear soup is much less substantial.  Why did I make such substantial clear soup then?  Well, one day, I made clear soup with bamboo shoot and wakame, and it remained unfinished for three days main because my son, who now goes to high school and comes back at 8:00 or even at 9:00, didn’t have as much of if as I had expected.  On the third day, I really didn’t want to have the soup, so I decided to modify it a little by adding some beaten eggs.  I also added leftover onion slices.  The resultant substantial soup was incredible!  It tasted really good!  Since then, I have kept making this type of substantial clear soup.
I made these hito-kuchi (one-bite) katsu with pork tenderloin.
These particular hito-kuchi katsu are so small that you could have one in one bite, but most hito-kuchi katsu served in restaurants are rather big and I can’t have one in one bite, so I think that hito-kuchi katsu is a misnomer.
I made the katsu because I wanted to include some in the bento for my son today.

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